Port Wines — Colheita

Kopke Colheita Port Wines are renowned all over the world for their extraordinary award-winning quality. Made from a singular harvest, they are aged in wood for as long as possible and are only bottled upon commission.

37 Bottles

Aged Tawny & White

Port Wines — Aged Tawny & White

The art of the blend in Port. Mixing casks of different years to achieve absolutely seductive and distinctive wines.

9 Bottles


Port Wines — Vintage

Kopke Vintage Port Wines are made from hand-picked grapes in a harvest year of an exceptional quality. They age in barrels for a maximum period of two and a half years and are bottled afterwards.

2 Bottles


Port Wines — LBV

Wines with an intense ruby colour, LBVs are bottled after having aged for 4 to 6 years. A LBV can be drank as soon as it is bottled and does not need to be decantered.

1 Bottles

Special Reserve

Port Wines — Special Reserve

The result of a blend of young and full-bodied wines, Kopke Tawny and Ruby Reserves are generally intensily fruity, elegant and well-balanced. They are ready to be drank as soon as bottled.

2 Bottles


Port Wines — Fine

Kopke Fine Port is a versatile wine that is the result of a blend of young Port wines from different harvests with a minimum ageing of 3 years. This wine is offered in different styles – Tawny, Ruby, White – and is excellent for a first contact with Kopke Port Wines.

4 Bottles