Special Editions

Port Wines — Special Editions

Thinking of collectors who do not want to miss the opportunity to access very old Port wines that have been ageing in Kopke cellars for many decades, Kopke launches very limited and exclusive special editions.

7 Bottles


Port Wines — Colheita

Kopke Colheita Port Wines are renowned all over the world for their extraordinary award-winning quality. Made from a singular harvest, they are aged in wood for as long as possible and are only bottled upon commission.

54 Bottles

Aged Tawny & White

Port Wines — Aged Tawny & White

The art of the blend in Port. Mixing casks of different years to achieve absolutely seductive and distinctive wines.

10 Bottles


Port Wines — Vintage

Kopke Vintage Port Wines are made from hand-picked grapes in a harvest year of an exceptional quality. They age in barrels for a maximum period of two and a half years and are bottled afterwards.

3 Bottles


Port Wines — LBV

Wines with an intense ruby colour, LBVs are bottled after having aged for 4 to 6 years. A LBV can be drank as soon as it is bottled and does not need to be decantered.

1 Bottles

Special Reserve

Port Wines — Special Reserve

The result of a blend of young and full-bodied wines, Kopke Tawny and Ruby Reserves are generally intensily fruity, elegant and well-balanced. They are ready to be drank as soon as bottled.

2 Bottles


Port Wines — Fine

Kopke Fine Port is a versatile wine that is the result of a blend of young Port wines from different harvests with a minimum ageing of 3 years. This wine is offered in different styles – Tawny, Ruby, White – and is excellent for a first contact with Kopke Port Wines.

5 Bottles


Port Wines — Experiences

Experiences result from the relentless search for new challenges by a House with +300 years of history.

1 Bottles