It is so good to see you again

Over Kopke’s almost 400 years of history, never before we were apart for such a long time.

However, and as it happens with our wines, to be able to patiently wait makes it possibile for us to enjoy more special, meaningful and unforgettable moments. That is the reason why we are back.

To ensure everyone’s safety, it is essential to follow some rules:

Masks and Gloves

The use of a mask is mandatory and gloves optional inside the House of Kopke.

Alcoholic-based hand rub

Everytime it is necessary, please use the alcoholic-based hand rub to keep your hands clean.

Cover your nose and mouth

Everytime your sneeze or cough, cover your nose and mouth with a paper tissue or your arm. Toss the tissue out.

Safety distance of 2 metres

Please keep the safety distance of 2 metres between each other.

The whole space is properly marked.

Priority Lane


Additionally, we provide you the digital menus of our touristic venues, so you can consult them safely online.

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