Quinta São Luiz is the place where a special set of vineyards are nurtured, where the winemaking process occurs, where Kopke wines are crafted.

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Considered to be one of the most representative Estate of the Douro Region.

São Luiz bears, these days, the end result of several acquisitions of other properties situated in the same area: Quinta da Mesquita (1972), Quinta da Lobata (1974), Quinta da Alegria (1982) and Quinta da Galeira (1987). The property has a total of 125 hectares, 94 of which are carefully tendered vineyards, many very old.

It´s a Quinta that embodies centuries of Kopke´ history and passion and is located in Tabuaço on the left bank of the Douro River between Régua and Pinhão, at the heart of the Douro Region.

Quinta São Luiz welcomes everyone for a visit

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What you will visit

Over this visit at Quinta São Luiz, you will be able to know the history of the Douro Region, the Estate and the vines, along with the winemaking process - from harvesting to the ageing process. At last but not least, you´ll have the opportunity to have a tasting experience of our still and/or Port wines - at your choice!

Points of
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Available tasting experiences

São Luiz Classic

DOC Kopke White
DOC Kopke Red

13€ / pax

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São Luiz Premium

DOC Kopke Reserve White
DOC Kopke Reserve Red

17€ / pax

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Vineyards Tour

DOC Burmester White
DOC Burmester Red
Port Burmester Sotto Voce
Port Kopke White
Port Barros Colheita 1998

30€ / pax

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Douro Tour

DOC Burmester White
DOC Burmester Reserve Red
DOC Curva Reserve White
DOC Burmester Tavedo Rosé

30€ / pax

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Old Port

Port Burmester Colheita 1989
Port Kopke Colheita 1999
Port Barros Colheita 1974
Port Gilberts Colheita 1999

60€ / pax

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Pic Nic Basket

Spinach and smoked meat ‘salpicão’ sandwich
Codfish pies
Matured goat cheese
Azorean Cheese
Bread and olives
Fresh salad
Fresh fruit
Local sweet pastry
1 bottle of Kopke DOC White


Basket for two people
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Corporate & school group tours



You will have to answer to several questions related with the information provided over the visit.
The winner gets to win a notebook from each of our brands.
(1 juice per participant included)

8€ / pax

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Treasure Hunt

The challenge consists of finding a hidden decanter in the Quinta, based on hints provided from us and following the designated stoppage meeting points (4 teams tops).
The winner gets to win a bottle of White Reserva and a Red Reserva,

20€ / pax

(tasting of 2 DOCs at the end)
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Mistery Tour

The challenge consists of solving a mistery - a rare bottle got stolen and we need your help to find it!! You should follow the hints provided from us and go through the designated stoppage meeting points.
The winner gets to win a bottle of White Reserva and a Red Reserva,

20€ / pax

(tasting of 2 DOC at the end)
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How to get there

E.N. 222 – Adorigo 5120-012 Tabuaço
-7,61048 | 7º 36´ 37,7” W
41,15796 | 41º 09´ 28,7” N

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Business hours

10:00 AM-01:00 PM
02:00 PM-07:00 PM

Last visit at 06:00 PM

Online complaints book: livroreclamacoes.pt

Any doubts? Send us an E-mail.


In the centuries to come, Kopke will endeavour to honour its legacy, that was built with passion throughout generations.