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Kopke Quinta S. Luiz Vintage 2021

  • VineThe rows of vines are traditionally planted across the slope, in horizontal terraces. More recently, vines have been planted vertically up the slope (“vinha ao alto”).

  • SoilGreywacke/schist, interspersed with granite in some places.

  • Height110-135 metres.

  • Grape Varieties33% Touriga Nacional, 67% Old Vines

  • Wine MakerCarlos Alves

Kopke Quinta S. Luiz Vintage 2021

Technical Details

  • Alcohol 20%
  • pH 3,3
  • Total Acidity 6,2 g/dm3
  • Reducing Sugars 100 g/dm3
Technical Sheet

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Since  1638


Kopke Quinta São Luiz 2021 Vintage Port is the result of a cold winter with high levels of rainfall.Spring saw mild weather with a lot of rain, especially in April, which enabled the replenishment ofwater in soil. Summer was dry and hot, bringing the harvest forward, but the high rainfall at thebeginning of September, as well as the mild temperatures at this time, slowed down the ripening of thegrapes. The wine that resulted from this harvest stands out for its elegance, at the expense of the greatstructure so typical of classic vintages.

The wine should be stored in a fresh, dry and dark place, without temperature variations, and the bottle must remain in a horizontal position. This wine can be kept in bottle for an indenite period, without any damage to the quality of its properties and character. Once opened, it should be decanted and consumed within 1 to 2 days. The periods here suggested are merely for guidance, not implying the deterioration of the wine but only a slow evolution that can lead to the loss of its
original sensorial characteristics. Best served at a temperature between 16 and 18 °C.

  • VINIFICATION AND AGEING Know more about the process
  • Hand-picked at the optimum time, the grapes are then destemmed, crushed and converted into wine through a process of careful maceration to extract their colour, tannins and aromas, enhanced by constant churning during fermentation. This takes place in vats (lagares) at a controlled temperature (between 28-30°C) until the right degree of sweetness (baumé) is achieved. At this point, grape brandy (benefício) is added to create the nal fortied wine. Wine of exceptional quality, made from one single harvest, bottled between 2 and 3 years after harvest. Deep-red in colour, complex, full-bodied and with remarkable ageing potential.

  • Quinta São Luiz 2021 Vintage Port is a deep and full-bodied wine with violet nuances. It displays aromas of excellent complexity with notes of spice, ripe red fruit, balsamic and resin. On the palate it reveals intense tannins which are perfectly combined with notes of acid fruit and enveloped by refreshing acidity. Dense and long nish, with great balance.

  • Excellent with red meat or game. Blue or soft cheeses (such as Serra da Estrela) are equally perfect.

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