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Old Brandy Reserve

  • VineThe rows of vines are traditionally planted across the slope in horizontal terraces. More recently vines have been planted up the slope (called “vinha ao alto”, meaning vertically planted).
    More recently vines have been planted up the slope (called “Vinha ao alto”, meaning vertically planted).

  • SoilSchist-sandstone (greywacke), interspersed with granite in some places.

  • HeightUp to 600 metres.

Old Brandy Reserve

Technical Details

  • Alcohol 42,00%
Technical Sheet

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Since  1638

Exclusive Production

Seeking the wisdom of generations that signed the excellence of the most ancient Port Wine House, the Kopke Old Brandy Reserve is a product of superior quality, produced with all the perfection and acuity, in a limited production of 5.000 liters/year.

The Old Brandy should be stored in a cool and dry place, sheltered from light and temperature fluctuations, and the bottle should remain in an upright position.

  • AGEING Get ot know more about the process
  • RECOMMENDATIONS The best scenario to enjoy
  • It´s in Vila Nova de Gaia cellars, located in the most beautiful area of the city, enjoying a wonderful panoramic view of Oporto city engaged by the unique beauty of Douro, that the selected Kopke brandies age. The ageing process take place in oak casks of 225 liters, by an average of 15 years,

  • With an appeating amber colour, delights by the inebriant nose of dried fruits standing-out the hazelnut hints, nuts and the harmonious presence of toast notes. Complex and intense in taste, with a remarkable depht and an irreprehensible freshness. A sensation of harmony extended in the endless finish.

  • Perfect as a digestive or to complement a delicious dessert, to accompany a cigar, coffe or simply to blend with a pleassant conversation.

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