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Kopke Quinta de S. Luiz Vintage Porto 2015

  • VineThe vineyard is disposed along the slopes on horizontal levels and, more recently, they are planted along the lines of greatest slopes, so called “Vinha ao Alto” (vertically planted vines).

  • SoilSchist greywacke ante-Ordovician, with some inclusions of a geological formation of granitic involving nature.

  • HeightUp to 600 metres.

  • Grape VarietiesT. Nacional (50%), Vineyards over 50 years old (50%).

Kopke Quinta de S. Luiz Vintage Porto 2015

Technical Details

  • Alcohol 20%
  • pH 3.67
  • Total Acidity 5.03g/dm3
  • Reducing Sugars 102.00g/dm3
Technical Sheet

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Since  1638

Taste history with the oldest port wine house.

The passage of time brings experience, wisdom and thoughtfulness. The Vintage Kopke are,above all, evidence of a unique personality. Aged in the bottle, these wines tell the story of an exceptional year that stands out in the long existence of the brand.

The wine should be stored in a cool and dry place, sheltered from light and temperature uctuations, and the bottle should remain in an upright position. Over time, it is natural that sediment will form at the bottom of a bottle of Port wine.

  • VINIFICATION Get ot know more about the process
  • RECOMMENDATIONS The best scenario to enjoy
  • Harvested by hand at the best moment, our grapes are destemmed, crushed and vinified in accordance with a process that relies on careful maceration with extraction of color, tannins and aromas, complemented by permanent pumping during fermentation. This process takes place in vats, at a controlled temperature between 28-30ºC, until reaching the desired Baumé degree. At this stage, it proceeds to the addition of grape brandy(fortification). This is an exceptional wine, from a single harvest, being bottled between the second and third year after the harvest. Originally deep-red coloured, complex, full-bodied and with a remarkable ageing potential.

  • Deep intense colour. Exuberant and complex nose, with prevailing aromas of very ripe black wild berries wrapped in subtle notes of balsamic and light hints of black pepper. Refined and intense in the mouth, with an excellent balance between its acidity and very firm tannins that is typical of Kopke’s Single Quinta Vintages. A long and powerful finish, with flavours of ripe black fruit and striking acidity, suggesting a Single Quinta with an extraordinary ageing potential.

  • The explosion of fruit and the singularity of the style justify the extraordinary marriage with rich chocolate desserts, like chocolate fondants with redcurrant sauce or black chocolate mousse. Blue or hard cheeses, “Serra da Estrela” type, are also an excellent combination. The exceptional quality of this wine makes it unique and worthy of being enjoyed alone or with a pleasant cigar. Serve at a temperature between 12 and 14 ºC.

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